Designing For PowerPoint

Just recently I had been asked by a client to design a presentation. One of the creative director’s knew InDesign, and the other was keen on PowerPoint. So when making the initial decision on what software to design in, we had to come to a conclusion on which to move forward with.

Most people believe that if it is a “PowerPoint Presentation” that it will fit the usual mold of an ugly and not pleasing to look at presentation… But it doesn’t have to be. And it shouldn’t.

Just because it’s a more simpler design platform doesn’t mean that all of the fundamental design principles go out the window.

5 Fundamentals of Your PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Don’t think of it as a PowerPoint Presentation!
    • Work as if it was your usual program
  2. Utilize your space
    •  Design each slide as it’s own thought, there’s no need to cram everything into one slide
  3.  Hierarchy
    • Whether it’s through imagery or typography look at your message and think about what you want to get across
  4. Use of typography
    • Don’t forget the use of weights, serifs and san-serifs.
  5. Color
    • Use the PowerPoint color palette to your advantage


So go for it. Design in PowerPoint!

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