iTunes U

You use iTunes for music, for videos, for game apps, and for podcasts… So why not use it for education too? It’s okay if you aren’t familiar with the term yet, it’s a “rare and acquired taste,” according to “How to Study For University Courses with the iTunes U App” from Tech Radar. It is an important tool for universities, and it’s growing in the new age of technology.

Announced in 2007 as a means for educators to share content with students, iTunes U is an app where courses are made available through the iTunes Store. Yale and Harvard were the first ones to jump on this bandwagon.

Courses on iTunes U range from arts and literature, to science and technology, and provide the same exact lectures as enrolled students worldwide. Although you won’t earn a degree of any kind, iTunes U is still a great place to learn and gain knowledge on topics that interest you.

Features of iTunes U allow you to navigate to fit your needs. Tech Radar adds, “iTunes U has its own section on the iTunes Store and allows you to search by university or a specific topic. And while there are plenty of deep and challenging courses on offer, there are a number of foundation courses too, so all education and experience levels are catered for.”

In November of 2012, The New York Times introduced us to the term MOOCs, or massive open online courses. This is an acronym for lectures that are converted into online courses. MOOCs have been around for a few years, but were primarily used for collaborative “techie” learning events. Now, everyone wants a piece of this real estate. Instead of paying tuition and worrying about credits, MOOCs provide a free alternative to those who are interested in learning all there is to know. While these courses are a great idea, there are still some kinks to work out, one downside being that the instructor isn’t as available as a universities professor would be, and it’s hard to make this massive concept intimate.

With the use of technology rapidly changing our lives, it only makes sense that we maneuver this technology to enhance our education. Before you know it, MOOCs will be transforming higher education like you’ve never seen before.

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