Periscope is one of the newer apps from Twitter that allows you to live stream straight from your phone and broadcast it. This new channel links from your Twitter account, and allows you to follow users, and they can opt to follow you in return.

Companies and celebrities have caught on quick, with Ellen Degeneres, Cosmopolitan, and Victoria’s Secret being some of the first adopters. But why is this such a crucial advancement? This new app creates an entire new medium for the visual generation.

Similar to Snapchat, which is the leading social media channel of millenniums, as shown in ComScore’s U.S. Digital Future in Focus 2015 report, Periscope allows users to view snapshots of what you are doing at one exact moment.

This technology opens a whole new world to digital marketing. Not only can you see behind the scenes footage, you can view it as it is happening.

Ellen, for example, has already used it to sit in on meetings, “Viral Videos”, and even incorporated some time in her show to demonstrate.

Victoria’s Secret has added Periscope to it’s marketing strategy, by live streaming their Bombshell’s Day campaign with Angel Candice Swanpoel.

Only in it’s infant stage, Periscope has already exceeded huge milestones, reaching 1 million users in it’s first 10 days.

Periscope is the newest social media channel to watch, as it creates an interesting dialogue of what is to come in the future of our ever-growing digital world.

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