In “Whatever Happened to Podcasting”, Mark Ramsey at NetNewsCheck, answers questions revolving around the 2005 media hit of podcasting. He defines the term podcasting as “the creation and consumption of on-demand video and especially audio.” He notes that it was the “next big thing” about six or seven years ago. However today, it’s no where near what it was thought to be.

Now that doesn’t go to say that there aren’t any podcasters out there, and that doesn’t mean that there is no audience behind them. Podcasting has fell off the radar, and Google trends show that podcasting peaked in 2005. Radio shows, comedians, and technology blogs still use podcasts, and have an audience of hundreds of thousands.

So here we are, almost in 2015, and Podcasting didn’t become the next big thing. And here’s why.

7 Reasons Podcasting Won’t Be Next Big Thing

  1. Metrics are few and far between
  2. It takes a thousand words to paint a picture
  3. Video and pictures favor short attention spans – which audio lacks
  4. Podcasters are following the example of radio
  5. Podcasts tend to be too long
  6. And take too long to get to the point
  7. Most audio is not easily shareable

But podcasting can be a powerful tool if used properly, so if you’re still interested in making podcasts a thing of the future, JV Crum of Conscious Millionaire, shares 3 secrets to creating podcast success.

  1. Know your niche. Choose a subject you have expertise in.
  2. Provide quality content. No one wants to listen to your boring story or your sales pitch.
  3. Engage your audience. Speak to them directly and ask questions.

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