Social Media Auditing

Routine check-ups to see how you’re engaging your audience on social media are key to the success an individual or organization’s brand. One can learn immensely from examination of how their social media is managed, or lack thereof.

These social media audits are imperative to everyone, and whether you’ve lacked consistency or actively update, there is aways room for improvement and reflection.

Buffer, a Social Media management tool offers some insight to their 6 musts to social media assessments (or the dreaded word: auditing).

Do a social media audit in 15 minutes or less, and follow this check list.

  1. Examine your social media profiles.
    1. Locate and document all your social media profiles, official and unofficial
    2. Check for completion of all details on these profiles and for consistency in imagery and message
    3. Follow up on your goals and compare performance today to performance one and two years ago
  2. Examine those who do it well.
    1. Find 4 to 8 niche influencers and examine how they manage their brand on social media
    2. Observe imagery and branding on each of their profiles
    3. Measure key metrics like followers and engagement
  3. Make an action plan for improvements and goals for your profiles.
  4. Locate all your social media profiles. Where are you online?
    1. Locate all your social media profiles. Where are you online?
    2. As you locate your profiles, make note of the ones you find and keep track of the following elements. Use a spreadsheet for organization:
      • The social media network
      • The URL
      • Your profile name and/or description
      • The number of followers or fans
      • The date of your last activity
  5. Determine if these platforms are useful to achieve your goals and if they are relevant to your audience.
  6. Check for brand identity consistency across all platforms and networks.

Optimize Smart shares their 9 Point Checklist for social media audit success. They describe it “to determine how a business should be using social media to get highest possible return on their investment.”

An audit can determine answers to 9 key questions:

  1. What the company is trying to achieve through social media marketing?
  2. How good the company is in achieving its business objectives through social media?
  3. Who are their target audience and why?
  4. How good the company is in targeting customers?
  5. How good the company is in building positive influence among customers?
  6. Which social media tools are used by the company?
  7. How good the company is in leveraging the various social media tools?
  8. How good the company is in engaging with the target audience?
  9. How good the company is in amplifying its messages?

They vouch for the True Social Metrics tool to measure analytics. Easy to use, just connect your social media accounts, and it calculates the conversation rate and amplification rate. Optimize Smart feels the biggest benefit of the tool is to calculate your value to social media.